Endowed Scholarship

The Des Moines Valley Club (DMVGC) has launched an endowed fund called Des Moines Valley Scholarship Fund to be able to fund its scholarship program into perpetuity. So, if you believe in what we do to help minority students attend college, please help make sure we can keep carrying out our mission forever. We are asking you to provide money now that will fund our scholarships into perpetuity—forever.

We are also looking for matching grants to the $25,000 given by three donors to date. With a gift this size, the donor will be able to have a named scholarship given in a name of choice. If paying a large sum at once is not possible, we welcome multi-year pledges, as well as smaller donations of any size. What’s more is that your gifts are tax-deductible, as the DMVGC is a non-profit 501(c)(3)! For further information, please call or text Dr. Carline Phillips at:  515-360-0437.

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